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There are four primary editors of this specification:


JSON API is extracted from the JSON transport implicitly defined by Ember Data's REST adapter.

In general, Ember Data's goal is to eliminate the need for ad-hoc code per application to communicate with servers that communicate in a well-defined way.

Some servers, like Firebase, Parse and CouchDB already define strict communication protocols for clients, and were good fits for Ember Data. In contrast, servers written in Rails, Node, and Django tend to be written in a "REST-style" but lack the precision necessary for drop-in client code.

The REST Adapter in Ember Data implicitly defined a protocol that custom servers could implement to get a drop-in client for all of their resources. ActiveModel::Serializers is a proof-of-concept library for Rails that implemented the serialization format expected by Ember Data.

Record creation, update, and deletion was defined implicitly by the Ember Data library and was close to conventions already in wide use by Rails, Django and Node developers.

The goals of the media type are to balance:

This media type is still a work in progress, and we are extremely open to feedback and proposals for improvement. That said, implementation work has already begun, and we value good working systems over perfect vaporware.